Saturday, October 15, 2011

A moment of panic.

In 4 hours, my wave of Warrior Dash starts.  I feel grossly unprepared & may or may not have a broken toe.  All of our spectators bailed on us.  Oh & did I mention most of my life is in boxes, waiting to be moved?

Life has been hectic lately, with working 2 jobs & trying to still maintain a semblance of a normal life.  This blog has fallen by the wayside & so have my workouts.  I haven't felt on top of my game since I moved in August.  I haven't been happy like I was 3 months ago.  I've made some stupid decisions lately that I can't undo & I feel like that breaking point is slowly approaching.  I'm tired of feeling like a burden to people.

I'm hoping today is another Day 1.  I don't care if I have to drive 50 miles alone to the boonies to go do my best to climb walls & jump over fire.  Then, no matter what, I get to go see Saves The Day-my favorite band in the entire world tonight.  Next Friday I will be able to pay up on my gym membership so I can go back to my normal workouts, I'll have room to cook & feel comfortable doing so.  Here's to turning over a new leaf.  Hopefully.

I'm not going to do a weigh-in today or anything, but I've maintained where I was.  I'm hanging out around 70lbs lost right now & hoping to make a big dent towards 100 lost by the end of the year. 

Wish me luck.

And hope I don't die at Warrior Dash today.