Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey, remember me?

I have neglected my blog for a few weeks.  I know I've neglected it.  I thought about it a lot, actually.  My mind was at war with me & instead of dealing with it, I recoiled.  For that I am sorry to the few people that read this thing.

When I was due for my weigh-in 2 weeks ago, I stepped on the scale to see that I'd gained a pound.  A pound.  One measly, tiny, miniscule pound.  I didn't go to the gym much that week (I let the snowstorm be my excuse for that instead of working out at home) & after being really sick on Superbowl Sunday I had a slight encounter with Little Caesars.  So wasn't suprised, just a little disappointed.  I let that disappointment dwell & dwell on me.  I dwelled on it to the point I was too ashamed to write a blog that day.  Then the next day, & the next, & the next, so on & so forth.  I let ONE POUND get the best of me.

So instead of sucking it up & dealing with it, I avoided it (I'm super good at that).  But was I going to just abandon my blog?  No, I wasn't giving up on it & definitely not giving up on my journey.

So let's catch up.

Tuesday, February 8th
Previous weight : 267.5
Current weight.  : 268.5
Gain of 1 lb.

Tuesday, February 15th
Previous weight : 268.5
Current weight.  : 266.0
Loss of 2.5 lbs!

I fought back the next week, kicked that pound off my body for the last time & said adios to 1 & 1/2 more.  Mentally I'm back.  No more excuses for not working out.  There are plenty of things I can do at home if I'm stuck & I shouldn't depend on the gym completely.  Also, my friend Emily over at http://biglifelittleblog.blogspot.com & started a No Fast Food 90 day challenge, so no Little Caesars for a long time!

That takes us to today.

Previous weight : 266.0
Current Weight. : 262.5
Loss of 3.5 lbs!!

Total loss of 23.5 lbs this year.

I'm on track mentally, physically & emotionally again.  Its feels good to see the scale reflect it.  I promise I won't let my blogs go by the wayside again (& I want to start posting lots of recipes!), but I must cut this one short.  But don't worry, I'm not sitting at home moping.  I'm with one of my good friends, Kristen, who came up from Joplin to see Ke$ha with me tonight.  We are patiently awaiting for the hot mess to begin.  Dance party time (aka hidden cardio)!!!!



  1. Amazing!!!! We have to do a long walk when I am in town next!

  2. Nice job, friend! I do the same thing--let one pound get to me. I've been known to let one pound push me into eating a McDonald's value meal...size large. I commend you for getting back up on that horse!