Monday, March 14, 2011


When I started this blog, the purpose was to be active, eat better & ultimately lose weight.  Besides that purpose, I didn't really set any concrete goals.  I've been thinking about that & there are some goals I'm setting out after.

-Take my daily vitamin.
I've had a bottle of 130 vitamins in my bathroom cabinet for over a year now.  Let's just say its not empty.

-Work on my bingo wing.
Now you might be asking what a bingo wing is.  Its a term my friend Terra coined for that lovely portion of your underarm.  Imagine an old lady playing bingo raise up her arm & shake it all around yelling "BINGO!"  You get the drift.  I can't remember a single time in my life I've been comfortable in something sleeveless & I want that to change.  I've been doing some upper body strength training already, so I'm thinking of chronicling it as Bingo Wing Wednesdays.  Lame?

-Run a 5k
Yes, I put the word run there.  Walking a 5k would be a piece of cake, I've walked longer in the park by my house.  I'm starting a 5k in 100 days program soon thanks to Brad Gansberg (he's teaching a 100 people for free, isn't that awesome?) & can't wait to make this a reality.  I'm looking at the Susan G Komen race in June for this (depending on when training gets started).  I'm also going to look into walking some other races too!

Those are just 3 of the things I'm striving for right now in addition to eating better, getting fit & getting rid of this weight.  As far as my goal weight goes, besides considering what's normal for my height, I'm not sure where I want to end up.  When I look & feel like I'm where I need to be, then I'll be happy (but my grandpa's offer to give me a $1 for each pound I lose has me extra motivated to lose it all!). 

I do, however, want to celebrate the milestones I'll reach along the way.  As of last week I sit at 27.5 pounds lost, so 30 is SO CLOSE.  Who knows?  I could easily hit it tomorrow when I do my weigh-in.  These are some of the rewards I'm going to bestow upon myself when I get there.

30 pounds
-Get a pedicure!  I have never treated myself to one & with all I'm putting my feet through, they deserve some pampering.

50 pounds
-Buy the pasta press I've been eyeing on Amazon for the last 3 months.  I was going to get a cheap one with Christmas funds, but saving for the awesome one!

75 pounds
-Have a spa day with the works (possibly with my Mom if I can get her to visit!).  A whole day devoted to relaxing.  Ahhhhhh . . .

100 pounds
-Get my first tattoo.  This is something I've been wanting to get for a loooooong time.  Its a piece of artwork my mother did that is inspired by my grandmother (RIP).  Its a piece I've always loved & it always reminded me of my grandma long before I knew it was about her.  It means a lot to me & I can't wait for it!

For numbers bigger than that, I haven't decided on.  When I reach goal, though I want to do something big.  Anyone wanna donate to send me on a cruise? :)


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  1. These are awesome goals!! I used to hate running but slowly got back into it and now I'm addicted. The more you move, the more you'll want to move!

    I also love your step-by-step goals and rewards. They're all great and healthy motivators. I hope you get your pedicure soon!