Thursday, January 13, 2011

I should have brought headphones . . .

I didnt intend for today to be very eventful.

I set my alarm for 7 am, as I had to be at work by 8:30.  Ended up getting ready in record time, making breakfast to take with me & got to work early (which is a feat for me).  Work went by remarkably fast & before I knew it, it was break time & I got to nom one of the last bowls of my awesome vegan "chicken" noodle soup I made Sunday.  Then as soon as I went back it seemed like time for me to head home.

I've had a bag of whole grain quinoa sitting in my cabinet for, lets just say, a long time.  I've been slightly intimidated by it & kind of lost as to what to use it in.  But tonight, I made it!  I made up a small batch to have with my Mandarin Orange Gardein "chicken," with a salad on the side.  Definitely an awesome meal I'll want to repeat & not too hefty on the calories.

Hanging at home as i was finishing my dinner, my friend Mackenzie called & we decided to go to  Club Fitness  tonight & sign up for a membership.  Its something we'd talked about for a few weeks now, but we had delayed due to snow/meeting up at the right time/downright procrastination.  They have several locations within a few miles of my home, one across the street from where I work & have 24 hour access through the week at most of them.  Its super convenient & affordable to boot!

Ladies & Gentlemen, for the first time in my life, I joined a gym!

After an hour or so of awkwardness & paperwork we had our key cards & got to explore the place.  I am gym-retarded so I dont know what anything is called besides a treadmill, but we worked out for about an hour between 2 bike machines, the treadmill, a short stint on the elliptical & a bit of light weights.   According to the machines I burned at least 250 calories!

I am so stoked right now.  Im full of zest & energy & I'm super optimistic about this.  If my legs are still attached to my body tomorrow, I'm considering stopping by after work.  We'll see how I feel?

Time to end this & stop ignoring Mackenzie & the movie we're watching.  Thanks for reading & if you're one of the many people who have commented, messaged, texted or talked to me about my first post, words can't express how encouraged & loved you've all made me feel.



  1. So proud of you! That's always hardest.

  2. Yay! I have yet to join a gym : / Also, if you feel totally worn out tomorrow, don't feel bad for taking a day off! I read somewhere once that you should always give yourself a day between workouts, because that's when your muscles regenerate. I don't know if that's true or not. But I'm gonna say it is.

    Maybe I'll join and start going with you!

  3. Yay for joining a gym! Do they offer any sort of free introduction to the facility or personal training session? Some gyms offer that when you sign up - you should ask! It would be a great way to learn how to use the equipment.

    If you are doing weights - you would want a day of rest inbetween, so say you did upper body yesterday, you'd want to focus on lower body if you go back today. If you did all over body, I'd skip the weights and hit the gym for some fat burning cardio. Do intervals of high intensity and recovery.

    I'm so proud of you!