Friday, April 29, 2011

It's still Tuesday if I'm awake!

The last few weeks have been SO busy.  Since my last blog I've managed to pick up a promoting job, getting back into music (which has been missing from my life for too long).  My new "boss" has quickly become a new friend & I feel SUPER appreciated, which is oh so nice.  At my normal job, we finally got a new store manager so things are a little topsy turvy there & I'm teetering on the edge of a promotion, but the stars all need to align for that to happen.  It seems my free time has become few & far between.  My cat isn't too happy about that.

While I may not be the most consistent blogger (I'm sorry I suck at being timely!), I try.  And believe me when I say that getting healthy is one of the hardest, time-consuming, expensive things I've chose to undertake.  Suprisingly this is the most consistent I've been with anything in YEARS.  I'm rarely on time, slack on responding to people, avoid confrontation like nobodys business, but I have done so remarkably well with my diet that I'm astounded.  Yes, I've had a few slipups here & there (there were cookies in the breakroom & I was stressed out.  Whoops.), but overall I can't believe how good I'm doing.  I've been slacking on tracking the specifics of what I'm eating, but I pay close attention to the content of my food before it ever makes it in my cart & now it seems I'm eating a lot more intuitively.  I totally stopped tracking every bite that goes in my mouth & have been working out way less than I had been.  But it seems I'm having a bit more success this way?  Here's what I'm talking about : weigh-in time!

Previous weight : 250.0
Current weight. : 242.5
Loss of 7.5 lbs

In 3 weeks I've dropped almost another 8 pounds.  Dang!  I'm beginning to wonder if I was doing TOO much for my calorie intake & my body wasn't quite happy with me.  For quite awhile I was going for what My Fitness Pal had calculated my daily intake to be (which dropped to 1550 calories on the last update & changed to 1460 with this weigh-in), but with as much activity as I was doing, I don't think it was right.  I was hovering around 250 for weeks & I think that's why.  I think my body was a bit angry.

I'm so proud of myself overall.  I've had a lot of things to deal with lately & for the most part I haven't let it get the best of me.  I may have neglected a few updates to my blog, but I still made progress.  That's the important thing, right?

I'm putting my best foot forward & vowing to update this darn thing more often.  At least that is if anyone still is keeping up with me. :)



  1. I'm still here reading!!!! Great job, I need you to kick my as into gear!


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